We are a fun-loving band in Northern Colorado most easily described as a ‘90s Rock cover band, though our repertoire covers every decade since the 1960s. From Tom Petty to U2, Otis Redding to Green Day, The Beatles to Mumford & Sons, we’ve got something for all generations.

Duy Tran

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Duy has been a musician since his Sophomore year of high school when he picked up the guitar and started singing. His background consists mostly of acoustic rock and sappy ballads. He also used to write his own music. Maybe we'll all hear some of it soon!

Duy's musical influences include Oasis, Matt Wertz, Jon McLaughlin, and the remaining members of Color Me Badd. His dream band would include Dave Grohl, Eric Clapton, Noel Gallagher, and Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men.

Outside of music, his hobbies include being a foodie, football, long walks on the beach, and getting caught in the rain. He is unable to get into an empty elevator without singing. It's physically impossible.

John Metcalf

Lead Guitars

John started his musical journey in elementary school. In second grade, his teacher was giving guitar lessons. After one lesson, he broke his arm, so his guitar career was put on hold. He started playing piano, then moved on to French horn and trumpet through middle school. In 2000, he figured his arm was healed, so he bought his first guitar and took lessons. He's been playing ever since.

His musical influences include U2, REM, Pearl Jam, John Denver, Pink Floyd, Leo Kottke, and Michael Bolton. "I celebrate his entire catalog," says John*.  His dream band would consist of Michael Stipe (vocals), The Edge (guitar), Flea (bass), and Dave Grohl (drums). Or maybe just Jimi Hendrix.

*Not true. Just a great line from Office Space.

John is a big fan of LEGO, cooking, woodworking, art, hockey, Star Wars, and bacon. Here's something interesting: While working at a Boy Scout camp, John would dress up like Wayne Campbell for a Wayne's World skit. A little foreshadowing perhaps?

Eric Weedin

Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals

Eric has been a musician since 4th grade, when he started on piano then picked up trumpet in 5th grade. He continued playing both through high school and kept up on trumpet while an undergrad at Adams State University. He continues to play trumpet in Colorado Swing big band and with various concert bands in Northern Colorado.

His musical influences include Jimmy Buffett, Rush, Louis Armstrong (ask him for an impression), and John Williams. His dream band would include Jimmy Buffett (Vocals), Geddy Lee (Bass), mid-80s Eddie Van Halen (Guitar), and that guy playing the Home Depot buckets on the streets or maybe Neil Peart (Drums). Neil seems pretty good. He might also add Frank Sinatra for the timing, Count Basie on the piano, Eric Clapton for some sweet bluesy solos, Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young for the harmonies, and the Blues Brothers for some swagger. Eric would of course play the theremin.

Eric's hobbies include advanced level sarcasm, playing soccer, and enjoying Colorado craft beers and Belgian beers. Most people don't know that he collects spores, molds, and fungus (RIP Dr. Egon Spengler) and that he grew up in the Jedi religion. He would also love to live on a beach someday. He IS our resident Parrothead after all.

Marc Kray

Drums, Backup Vocals

Marc has been playing drums & percussion since he was 10 years old. He played throughout high school and college, where he was a percussion performance major. After college he played percussion in a number of groups, including as an alternate with the Cedar Rapids Symphony and in a number of professional theater productions including Cabaret, The Full Monty, Beauty & the Beast, and West Side Story. Even through all that orchestral percussion performing, he never lost touch with his rock drumset playing.

Marc's rock influences include Carter Beauford, Neil Peart, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, and many others. His dream band would consist of Freddy Mercury (Lead Vocals), Stevie Ray Vaughan (Lead Guitar), John Fogarty (Guitar/Vocals), Gregg Allman (Guitar/Vocals), Geddy Lee (Bass), Bruce Hornsby (Keyboards), and himself on drums. They'd play music written by all these guys, George Harrison, and Paul Simon.

When he's not drumming, Marc likes fly fishing, playing golf, riding motorcycles, skiing, hiking, drinking beer, and hanging out in the Colorado mountains. Marc dreams of one day selling his home and all his worldly possessions (except a few drums of course), buying a huge RV, and living wherever the wheels take him.

Ben Price

Sound Engineer

Ben always had some kind of musical instruments around the house while growing up. The starters were a piano, ukelele, and an accordion. He says he can't really play any of those today. He learned to play piano and organ in elementary school then went into band in Junior High playing percussion. This prompted him to join a neighborhood band (playing drums) in 1984 which was on-and-off for about four years. In high school he marched in the drumline playing pit, bass drum, and quads. From high school through college, he played in two other bands and gigged a few times.

Starting in 1989, he began running sound for small public events. This progressed into larger and larger shows with outdoor audiences eventually reaching up to 4000 people. In the studio he has recorded albums for everything from church choirs to garage bands to rap artists.

There are very few forms of music Ben doesn't like; however, his iTunes account is mostly cluttered with rock and metal artists. To Ben, the talent of a musician is less important than their attitude, integrity, and approach to life. He's been fortunate enough to meet and work with a few 'famous' musicians. Some were pleasant and professional. Others...not so much. He'd be happy to work or play with anyone so long as they were respectful to others and honestly tried to make the experience enjoyable.

If he's not doing something sound-related, Ben probably has a camera in-hand. And when he can merge image capture with anything happening outdoors, he's a happy guy. Something few people know is that Ben provides Video and Audio Clarification services for 15 law-enforcement agencies in 9 cities across eight counties in Texas for the resolution of civil and criminal offenses. He has also been certified as an Expert Witness (May 2003) and provides courtroom testimony when necessary.